Episode 002

This week’s tracks include pieces by Francis Monkman, formerly of the prog rock band Curved Air, as well as Mike Vickers from Manfred Mann.

Have you heard any of the tracks featured on our show tracked into films or television shows? If you spot any of the songs featured on Rarefied Air out in the wild, please share it with me on Twitter.


01. Classical Odyssey, Francis Monkman; 00:17 (APM)

02. Night Flight, Mike Vickers; 06:23 (APM)

03. Good Cop Theme, Ernst August Quelle; 08:36 (Megatrax

04. New Dimension, JD Mumbles; 13:39 (De Wolfe)

05. Swing Over, Barbara Moore; 16:24 (De Wolfe)

06. Cakes and Doily, Heinz Kretzschmar; 18:39 (Firstcom)

07. Brass In Action, Keith Mansfield; 22:04 (APM)

08. Rokoko Cats, Ernst August Quelle; 23:29 (Megatrax)

09. Yoohoo, Johnny Hawksworth; 28:32 (Firstcom)