Episode 003

Thanks to all the new listeners from around the world — greetings to Australia, the UK, Romania, Germany, and everywhere else. I’m excited to share some of these great pieces of television and film production library music with you, and hope you enjoy them. Please chime in on Twitter and let me know where you’re listening from!

This week we’ve got a variety of tracks from around the world, as well, including France, Germany, England, and the Czech Republic. We also finish up with a cute track by electronic music pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey, whose music you have heard in places ranging from the Disney Main Street Electrical Parade to The Joker’s Wild, among countless others. Learn more about Perrey here.


01. Next Stop LA, Alan Hawkshaw; 00:15 (De Wolfe)

02. Wild Flight, Richard Harvey; 04:18 (APM)

03. Good Going, Nigel Hess; 07:12 (De Wolfe

04. First Affair, Alan Hawkshaw; 10:00 (APM)

05. Leaving For Cosmos, Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour; 12:55 (Firstcom)

06. Italian Street Music, Walter Stott; 15:57 (Firstcom)

07. Cats on the Roof, Hans Posegga; 17:26 (Megatrax)

08. Monotory, Karel Mojmir Balling; 18:53 (Megatrax)

09. The Spy Theme, Ernst August Quelle; 23:05 (Megatrax)

10. Colonie Celeste, Jean-Jacques Perrey; 29:18 (APM)