Episode 008

This week’s vintage production music tracks include pieces by composers who have worked with Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, and more. 

This week, we also feature a track by legendary songwriter and arranger Barbara Moore, whose album “Vocal Shades and Tones” is a classic of the genre. Here’s a video of Barbara Moore playing the piano recently at Brighton Station.

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01. Coast to Coast, Ray Cameron, Alan Parker, Alan Hawkshaw; 00:14 (APM)

02. International Event, Keith Mansfield; 04:48 (APM)

03. Blue on Blue, Roger Jackson; 06:51 (De Wolfe

04. Touch of Warmth, Barbara Moore; 11:26 (De Wolfe)

05. Banana Split, Roger Webb; 14:03 (Firstcom)

06. I Like Italy, Gert Wilden; 17:03 (Megatrax)

07. Leslie, Paul Bonneau & Yves Lamand; 19:31 (Firstcom)

08. Time and a Half, Johnny Dankworth; 21:05 (APM)

09. Great Day, Simon Haseley; 23:47 (De Wolfe)

10. Scotch Wedding Waltz, Gert Wilden; 28:36 (Megatrax)