Episode 013

This week’s vintage production music tracks include music by Mike Ratledge and Karl Jenkins, members of pioneering prog rock band Soft Machine, and the Firstcom track “The Killer,” which is the end title track to FX's hit animated comedy Archer. Plus lots more!

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01. Orion, Roger Webb; 00:24 (De Wolfe)

02. Children of the Sun, Robert Lueben; 04:26 (APM)

03. Game Day, Leslie Searle; 07:43 (APM)

04. Penny-Farthing, Karl Jenkins & Mike Ratledge; 10:33 (De Wolfe)

05. The Killer, Mel Young; 14:09 (Firstcom)

06. On A Spring Note, Robert Farnon; 18:14 (Firstcom)

07. The Superficial Smile, Syd Dale; 21:08 (APM)

08. Modern Madrigal, Reg Tilsley; 22:27 (De Wolfe)

09. Playing at the Lake, Ernst August Quelle; 25:59 (Megatrax)

10. Love Is Everywhere, Gert Wilden; 31:28 (Megatrax)