Episode 017

This week’s vintage production music tracks include Keith Mansfield’s 2008 track “Junior Jet Set,” which was sampled by soul duo Gnarls Barkley in their song “Run (I’m A Natural Disaster).” Here’s that song, with its Justin Timberlake-starring video.

Longtime listeners of the show know how fond we are of the work of Barbara Moore, who we hear this week with the gorgeous “His Name Was.” Here is a recent interview with Ms. Moore herself, in which she discusses her beginnings as a composer and arranger, and her legendary “Vocal Shades and Tones.”

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01. Preacher’s Club, Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour; 00:22 (Chappell)

02. Light Traveller, John Renbourn; 04:12 (APM)

03. Going Places, Philip Lane; 07:35 (APM)

04. Scamp, Simon Park; 11:14 (De Wolfe)

05. Junior Jet Set, Keith Mansfield; 14:16 (APM)

06. Miss Belly Button, Gert Wilden; 17:44 (Megatrax)

07. Schluf, Schluf, Schluf, arr. Gert Wilden; 18:53 (Megatrax)

08. His Name Was, Barbara Moore; 20:49 (De Wolfe)

09. Always, Roger Webb; 24:48 (De Wolfe)

10. Bubble Ballet, Robert Farnon; 29:02 (Firstcom)