Episode 019

This week’s track “Amour, Vacances et Baroque” was sampled by recording artist Beck for his song “Walls,” which he performed with Cat Power on the album “Modern Guilt.” 

Here it is so you can compare with the original:

The 1983 track “Progress Chaser” featured this week was sampled by Philly-based hip hop artist Reef The Lost Cauze in his track “Trigger Talk."

Check it out here:

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01. May We Introduce, Franck Pourcel, Otto Sieben, & Jean-Claude Madonne; 00:24 (APM)

02. Pop-up, Roger Webb; 04:35 (De Wolfe)

03. Vodka Time, Ernst August Quelle; 07:32 (Megatrax)

04. Progress Chaser, Roger Jackson; 11:28 (De Wolfe)

05. Amour, Vacances et Baroque, Paul Guiot & Paul Piot; 13:57 (Firstcom)

06. Carnival for Strings, Pierre Duclos & Maurice Helison; 18:17 (Firstcom)

07. Stickman, Sam Spence; 20:12 (APM)

08. Two Time, Syd Dale; 21:43 (APM)

09. Dream Street, Ernst August Quelle; 24:52 (Megatrax)

10. Rosebud Joe, Reg Tilsley; 29:27 (De Wolfe)