Episode 020

This week's collection of vintage production music includes composer Syd Dale's "Walk and Talk," a track that was sampled by hip hop artist Eazy-E in his song "Gimme That Nutt." Here it is, so you can hear how it was used:


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01. Hawkwind and Fire, Alan Hawkshaw; 00:24 (APM)

02. Tutti Flutti, Vladimir Cosma; 05:00 (De Wolfe)

03. Cavalero, Jack Trombey; 08:25 (De Wolfe)

04. Cozy Cake Fight, Gert Wilden; 11:59 (Megatrax)

05. Walk and Talk, Syd Dale; 14:35 (APM)

06. Buttoned-Up, Roger Webb; 17:53 (Firstcom)

07. L’Amour et L'Enfer, Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour; 18:45 (Firstcom)

08. Hallo, Let’s Slap, Gerhard Trede; 20:48 (APM)

09. Sunflight, Nigel Hess; 24:57 (De Wolfe)

10. What A Happy Day, Gert Wilden; 28:42 (Megatrax)