Halloween Special - 2017

A very special HALLOWEEN episode of RAREFIED AIR! Hear vintage grooves to help get you in the Halloween spirit. Screams! Groovy funeral marches! And more!

One track this week ("Suspense Musical Saw") features a saw -- yes, the same kind you cut wood with -- played as a musical instrument. Here's a (non-Halloweenish) video of someone playing the saw so you can hear what it sounds like.


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01. Hair Raiser, Keith Papworth; 00:22 (De Wolfe)

02. Perpetual Percussion, Sam Fonteyn; 04:23 (APM)

03. On the Graveside, Johnny Hawksworth; 06:11 (De Wolfe)

04. In a Panic Room, Ivan Kaslik; 08:06 (Megatrax)

05. Timps of Terror, Sam Fonteyn; 10:13 (APM)

06. Dirty Scream, Gert Wilden; 12:19 (Megatrax)

07. Suspense Musical Saw, Johnny Hawksworth; 12:54 (APM)

08. The Rat Race, Nick Ingman; 13:36 (APM)

09. Approaching Danger, Roger Roger; 17:18 (Firstcom)

10. Paper Chase, Eric Allen & Frank Reidy; 18:58 (De Wolfe)

11. Saturday Beat, Keith Papworth; 22:25 (De Wolfe)