Episode 004

We’ve got some great vintage production library music tracks this week, including one by Johnny Pearson, who also composed the theme to Monday Night Football, as well as leading the Top of the Pops orchestra throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Here’s the opening segment of that show from the mid-1970s: a Pearson arrangement of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.” 

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01. Giants Causeway, Johnny Pearson; 00:14 (APM)

02. Movin’ Along, Dave Richmond; 04:23 (APM)

03. Les Jardins De Cannes, Jack Dieval; 06:17 (Firstcom

04. Sunflower (Version One), Simon Haseley & Walter Warren; 09:47 (De Wolfe)

05. Taste for Adventure, John Scott; 12:40 (APM)

06. Detective Scott, Gert Wilden; 15:44 (Megatrax)

07. Riding for Home, Nigel Hess; 18:37 (De Wolfe)

08. Breakdowns, Steven Jeffries; 21:19 (Firstcom)

09. Flittering Skirts, Ernst August Quelle; 24:28 (Megatrax)

10. Snuff Box, Roger Roger; 29:07 (Firstcom)