Episode 010

This week’s vintage production music tracks include the song “Hammerhead” by Simon Haseley, which was sampled by Beyoncé for her hit “A Woman Like Me,” written for the 2006 Steve Martin/Shawn Levy film “The Pink Panther” (also starring Beyoncé). Here’s how the library track was used:



We also feature “Safari,” a song by Jack Dieval, who is known for composing Cher’s hit “The Way of Love” off of her album “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves.” Hear that song here.


This episode also features a song by founding member and lead guitarist for Genesis, Anthony Phillips. It's interesting to note that Phillips's track doesn't have any guitar at all, but is comprised purely of synths. After leaving Genesis in 1970, Phillips embarked on a long and diverse solo career, part of which includes this fantastic album of 1980s-era synth music created for the De Wolfe library.

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01. Industrial Power, Keith Mansfield; 00:20 (APM)

02. Auto Stop, Stanley Myers; 04:03 (De Wolfe)

03. Sweden Beat Polka, Ernst August Quelle; 06:22 (Megatrax)

04. Activator, Anthony Phillips; 09:29 (De Wolfe)

05. Safari, Jack Dieval; 12:00 (Firstcom)

06. Sand Yachting, Alan Hawkshaw; 15:05 (APM)

07. Seven Dwarfs, Gert Wilden; 16:15 (Megatrax)

08. Swell Girl, Jack Arel; 17:38 (Firstcom)

09. Hammerhead, Simon Haseley; 21:13 (De Wolfe)

10. Moogy Boogy, Jean-Jacques Perrey; 27:18 (APM)