Episode 009

One of our tracks this week, Top Rally, comes from composers Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour. Jack Arel is also responsible for the theme song to the French television show “30 Millions D’amis,” a program about the lives of pets. 

This song was famously covered by the band Air, as featured on the band’s deluxe release of their album Moon Safari.


We also feature our first track from the NFL Films Music Library and Sam Spence, which you can learn more about in this Studio 360 story from PRI. Like a lot of NFL Music cues, the track we feature here, “Big City Sidewalks,” was also placed in a couple episodes of Spongebob Squarepants (Fiasco! and Demolition Doofus).

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01. Top Rally, Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour; 00:14 (Firstcom)

02. Free As The Wind, Steve Gray; 03:18 (APM)

03. Derby, Gert Wilden; 05:53 (Megatrax

04. Kids, Jack Trombey; 09:17 (De Wolfe)

05. Question and Answer, Gert Wilden; 11:44 (Megatrax)

06. Blue Shadow, Alan Parker; 14:47 (De Wolfe)

07. Boss Boogaloo, Russ Savakus; 17:59 (Firstcom)

08. Big City Sidewalks, Sam Spence; 19:01 (APM)

09. Power Games, Malcolm Ironton & Francis Monkman; 21:22 (APM)

10. Corinne, Paul Bonneau & Yves Lamand; 26:59 (Firstcom)