Episode 012

This week’s vintage production music tracks include the song “Warlock” by Reg Tilsley, a song that has been sampled numerous times by hip hop producers, including usages in Drake’s “We Made It"


As is often the case on our program, we also feature music by German composer Ernst August Quelle. Here is a link to a recent German interview of Quelle. (Non-German speakers like me can use the auto-translate subtitle option on YouTube, which does a… somewhat decent job). 


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01. Sportsday, Larry Ashmore; 00:23 (APM)

02. Anyone Home?, Simon Haseley; 04:02 (De Wolfe)

03. It’s Grooving Time, Gert Wilden; 06:41 (Megatrax)  

04. Visit to Florida, Jack Arel & Jean-Claude Petit; 10:00 (Firstcom)

05. Mirrors, Peter Milray; 12:50 (De Wolfe)

06. Javache, Henri Betti & Paul Bonneau; 15:50 (Firstcom)

07. In Danger, Brian Bennett; 17:46 (APM)

08. The Gambler, Ernst August Quelle; 19:56 (Megatrax)

09. Warlock, Reg Tilsley; 23:50 (De Wolfe)

10. Floating, Roger Roger; 28:09 (Firstcom)