Episode 015

This week’s vintage production music library tracks include a song by composer Richard Harvey (“Sun Giver”), a founding member of the prog rock band Gryphon, who make heavy use of Renaissance instrumentation. Here's a clip of the band’s recent reunion tour (Harvey is on the right playing keys & other instruments).

We also feature a listener request for the title track of the long-running UK kids’ show “Grange Hill,” written by prolific production music composer Alan Hawkshaw. Hear the title track (“Chicken Man”) in context here:


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01. Red Carpet Ride, John Shakespeare; 00:22 (APM)

02. Air Stream, Roger Webb; 04:39 (De Wolfe)

03. Sabre, Simon Park; 07:10 (De Wolfe

04. Sun Giver, Richard Harvey; 10:56 (APM)

05. Reve Pour Un Beatle, Paul Piot; 14:00 (Firstcom)

06. Alarm Call, Syd Dale; 18:48 (APM)

07. Jungle Jazz, Nino Nardini; 20:54 (Firstcom)

08. Wah Wah Wow, Ernst August Quelle; 22:55 (Megatrax)

09. Stewardess Natasha, Ernst August Quelle; 26:00 (Megatrax)

10. Chicken Man, Alan Hawkshaw; 31:01 (APM)