Episode 011

Among this week’s vintage production music tracks, we feature “Heavy Action” by Johnny Pearson, which is best known as the theme song to Monday Night Football. Check out this article for more on the history of MNF theme songs.

We also feature a track by Jim Lawless, who performed on Paul McCartney’s Thrillington album — an instrumental cover version of his own classic album Ram, created under the pen name "Percy Thrillington.” Hear some of Lawless’s percussion work on the album:


This week's track “West Coast Surf Ride” was featured in the “Calendar Geeks” episode of The IT Crowd. See how the song was placed here:


Finally, in this episode I discuss Fuzz Track City, a film I scored which also makes ample use of vintage production music tracks, including “Fly Away” by Barbara Moore. That film can be seen on iTunes and Amazon, among other places.

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01. Keeping Pace, Jim Lawless; 00:23 (APM)

02. Flowers Lane, Gary Bellington; 05:12 (Firstcom)

03. Through the Town, Roger Roger; 07:23 (Firstcom

04. Crazy Ballerina, Gert Wilden; 11:17 (Megatrax)

05. West Coast Surf Ride, Keith Mansfield; 14:55 (APM)

06. Whiskey and Coda, Graham Preskett; 18:36 (De Wolfe)

07. Oriental Spy, Gert Wilden; 20:13 (Megatrax)

08. Heavy Action, Johnny Pearson; 21:09 (APM)

09. The King and the Clown, Simon Haseley; 24:23 (De Wolfe)

10. Fly Away, Barbara Moore; 30:34 (De Wolfe)