RAREFIED AIR is a music-driven podcast focusing on unique, vintage, and otherwise entertaining tracks culled from the archives of some of the film and television industry’s premiere production music libraries. These tracks were primarily composed for film and TV productions, to be cut in as needed for scenes in all types of programs, including sitcoms, dramas, feature films, news and sporting events. More about production library music can be found here.

This program primarily focuses on vintage production library music from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. We aim to highlight the music itself on its own merits, independent of picture, and we hope to draw more focus to this often-overlooked but surprisingly ubiquitous corner of the entertainment industry.



Adam Blau is a composer and songwriter whose music and arrangements have been featured on television (You’re The Worst, Billy on the Street, Brockmire), in film (License to Wed, Fuzz Track City), and in theater (Monica! the Musical, Nerds). Adam also works with the music editors at Formosa Music to consult with them regarding temp tracks for feature films. As someone who had virtually every line of Soap memorized by age ten, Adam feels most at home basking in the warmth of 1970s-era television programs and the music that accompanied them.

Contact: adam@rarefiedairpod.com



To learn more about the tracks highlighted in this program, and to learn more about ways to license these and other tracks for your own projects, please reach out to the libraries directly.


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