Episode 014


This week’s collection of vintage production music tracks includes several selections by alumni of some big-name acts. Anthony Phillips (“Incentives”) was the founding guitarist of prog greats Genesis, while Mike Vickers (“Superman”) was an original member of the band Manfred Mann. 

Guitarist Alan Parker (“Choctaw”) recorded with David Bowie, notably on the song “1984" from the Diamond Dogs album:


Frank McDonald & Chris Rae (“The Professionals”) are the songwriting team behind Dionne Warwick’s 1977 hit “Do You Believe In Love At First Sight."


The Alan Hawkshaw classic “Girl in a Sportscar” was featured in the “My Fifteen Minutes” episode of the sitcom Scrubs. (Hulu link to the episode)

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01. Calaloo, Ernst August Quelle; 00:21 (Megatrax)

02. Bright Sunny Days, David Fanshawe; 04:15 (Firstcom)

03. Incentives, Anthony Phillips; 07:01 (De Wolfe

04. Tour of Duty, Don Jackson; 10:29 (APM)

05. Girl in a Sportscar, Alan Hawkshaw; 12:24 (APM)

06. On A Spring Note, Robert Farnon; 18:14 (Firstcom)

07. Cha Cha Tropicana, Gert Wilden; 15:53 (Megatrax)

08. Superman, Mike Vickers; 20:15 (APM)

09. The Professionals, Frank McDonald & Chris Rae; 24:02 (De Wolfe)

10. Honolulu Wedding Song, Al Blakins; 27:35 (Firstcom)