Episode 005

I’m happy to announce that RAREFIED AIR is now available on SoundCloud!

This week’s tracks include a groovy adaptation of a piano etude by Johann Baptist Cramer. Hear the original Piano Etude #36 by following this link

We’ve also got a track by Ron Aspery, a member of the British jazz/rock band Back Door. Hear some of their music here.

Thanks again to all of our listeners from around the world. It’s great to hear from you, so please feel free to reach out on Twitter to let me know how you're enjoying the show. And if you’re digging it, please share it and leave a review on iTunes.


01. Classical Revival, Francis Monkman; 00:13 (APM)

02. Portola Drive, Roger Webb; 04:24 (De Wolfe)

03. Move, Move, Move, Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker; 07:11 (APM

04. Cauldron (1), Alan Parker; 10:53 (De Wolfe)

05. Stax, Reg Tilsley; 14:05 (De Wolfe)

06. Tropical Summer, Ernst August Quelle; 17:01 (Megatrax)

07. Hard Work, Gert Wilden; 20:09 (Megatrax)

08. The Easy Life, Ron Aspery; 22:43 (Firstcom)

09. Church Is Calling, Ernst August Quelle; 24:50 (Megatrax)

10. Scat-Song, Roger Webb; 29:51 (Firstcom)